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What is The Grinning Dingo ?

It's fast, it's loud, it's dirty.

we're here for a good time, not for a long time.

We at The Grinning Dingo understand that today's man and woman of the world needs to be outfitted in the latest and most stylish attire and accessories available.

On the first day, tired of seeing the same 'hipster' t-shirts and hats on the rabble trackside, The Dingo got to work, scouring the world for the ultimate attire to suit like-minded folk.

On the fourth day he beat the merchants into submission driving their prices down, so nothing cost more than a slab of VB.

On the sixth day he put it here, so the great unwashed could sit on their couch and click to order.

On the 7th day he rested...with a stubby in one of these awesome stubby holders we have!

The Grinning Dingo legend was born...

So now i have your attention we also help local ,national and international riders when others wont.

grass roots racers need help and we at the grinning dingo are trying to do just that.

so by buying dingo merchandise will help our local riders

here and overseas so thanks in advance for helping us to help them

The Grinning Dingo manipulated and blackmailed me into endorsing their product
— Ryan Taylor, RTR Racing
I never leave home without my ‘ Grinning Dingo’ Stubby Holder
— Michael( random drinker and race lover )
What is The Grinning Dingo?
— Cam Donald, roadracing extraordinaire